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Going back and looking at my thoughts about the ride at the current time, this excerpt from post #1096 on 02/19/2012 Fun for me to go back through and read what I was thinking at the time, makes this all worthwhile writing up imo.

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Little update:

I did some real nice riding down in Ecuador for a week or so to get just enough of a taste to tell me that I will be coming back for a whole lot more. Met a host of great people and made many new great friends in my short time there. I tried to wait on Radioman and company and waitedin Quito until 4pm before leaving for Mindo in the late afternoon and early evening hours, I left pair of stickers for them at Casa Helbling before signing out of Quito. (Hector bought that KTM btw) Lots coming up in the report. I met another of the very few people I can travel with for more than a few days at a whack when I meet a Colombian national living and working in Mindo Ecuador. Camilo on his KLR joined up with Raul, Karla, and myself for a really nice long day ride and then he and I continued back up North into Colombia to take care of some unfinished business. We managed to find some pretty spectacular riding including a little bit of hell as we crossed into Colombia once again yesterday and spent the night in Ipiales after another long and wet day in the saddle. We celebrated our trimphful return to Colombia with style and didn't part ways until late in the afternoon today and I had another late day in the saddle riding well into the night on the very long ride up to Popayan to find a spot at Larry's place once more. I made good time until the sun went down and then it was a long slow and sometimes wet ride getting into Popayan well into the night. Had a nice late night meal with Larry and company before riding back to the casa and finding some wifi and nice spot to sleep. I just don't understand how things keep on getting better and better, I hope this run of good luck continues. It's not all perfect but it is DAMN close. This has been a wonderful time, Ecuador was a lot more than I expected and worthy of a lot more exploration if I can keep from getting kicked out of the country for not having my permissio papers Nice to be back in Colombia and tomorrow I will meet up with an old friend for some high quality riding in moto heaven once again

I'm whipped. Looking forward to getting this all down as soon as I can.

John in Popayan for a short spell...

And then this one from 03/01/2012; post #1036 giving up some of the fun and not so fun stuff coming up soon:

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I'm getting ready to crank it up. I'd met up with Adam Lewis again and did some serious Colombia riding after doing a little bike maintance down in Cali again after beating on poor girl down in Ecuador for a week or two. I did damn good getting out of Medellin after only a night, I'm like a oak. I've got a slow pace now at good place and will work on it for the next several days. Still resting up after playing pin ball with a couple of trucks yesterday in a new country, you got to love good gear and a bike that crashes well
Hope to work on some more here in just a little of my favorite parts coming up soon in the RR
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