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Originally Posted by DougZ73 View Post
Someone recommended to me and I am going to try this year....Kenda 270's. They are cheap, so worth a try.
Originally Posted by MeefZah View Post
Kind of squirmy in the corners.
Instead of the Kenda 270's look at the Shinko 244's. Almost exact copies in the middle tread, but much more substantial side lugs which makes them much more sure footed on the pavement. The middle lugs on the 244's are actually "bigger" too which again helps with stability on the road. They are also cheaper than the 270's usually. Sometimes the Shinko 244's are labeled as "Golden Boy" tires too.

I've ran the Kenda 270's before and I used to like them, but they are either a love or hate relationship. The biggest problem with them is that their side knobs are soft and flex when you get over on them on pavement, so this can make the tires seem squimry. It's definitely worse on larger bikes.

Since I have found the 244', I won't run the Kenda's again. They are almost direct copies of the Kenda 270's and are cheaper to buy, but they redesigned the side knobs to be more substantial and they don't flex like the 270's do. A win/win!! Their beefier knobs gives them a more sure footed feel when you get over on the side knobs in the twisties.

Here's a direct comparison of both tires. That is a Shinko 244 on the left and Kenda 270 on the right. You can see the larger side knobs which I cannot bend with my finger where I can on the Kenda's. You can also see the knobs just in a bit from the sides are also a bit larger on the Shinko's and go all the way to the edge every 2 knobs which gives you more stability there too.

A well worn Kenda 270 on the right and a new Shinko 244 replacement on the left

A close up of the side knobs. See those little bitty side knobs. That is what makes the kenda 270's so squirmy. They give & flex so easily.
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