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CHP has updated their site with some new info.

Was pretty vague before this update, now they share some "guidelines"

Maybe other states will follow, we can hope.

Lane Splitting General Guidelines:

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- The California Highway Patrol has created a set of written guidelines on motorcycle "lane-splitting,"
the at-times hair-splitting maneuver that allows riders to legally pass vehicles in adjacent lanes by driving between them.

"There is a need to acknowledge lane-splitting is being done in California, and a need to help people understand what is reasonable,"
California Highway Patrol Sgt. Mark Pope said. "Until now, no one in authority has said how to do it safely."

About 87 percent of California motorcycle riders reported they lane-split, a recent state Office of Traffic Safety survey reported.
Some motorcyclists call it lane sharing. The survey also found that only 53 percent of California drivers knew lane-splitting is legal,
and seven percent of drivers say they have attempted to block a lane-splitting motorcyclist from passing them.
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