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Originally Posted by larrylarry75 View Post
When you say you're allowed to bring in two vehicles - I presume it's one per person - are you meaning two vehicles duty free? That's my guess and if correct wouldn't it be cheaper to bring a 3rd one in and just pay the import duty rather than buy one there?

I've only ridden to MX a couple of times [last year] and I had to post a deposit based on my bike's value which if I didn't "export" it back to the US within the time period on my temporary "import" permit I'd forfeit the deposit. I'm told the idea behind this is to curtail the practice of taking vehicles into their country and selling them thus avoiding import duties. All of that makes sense and it was easy enough to deal with but my reason for mentioning this is the deposit on my 2006 Ninja 650R was only around $325, not much in my thinking and if that reflects how values are assigned it would follow the duty on a small scooter wouldn't be a lot. See where I'm going with this? From what others say about the high cost for bikes purchased in Mexico maybe paying the import fee for one you bought cheaper in the US would be the ticket?

Anyway best of luck with your move to the sunnier part of the world!

I totally get where you are coming from. Only one problem, the C90 is not available in Canada. There are the odd CT90 trails but for what they want for them I can buy them at half the price in Mexico in the C90. Oddly enough the CT90 does not seem very common in Mexico. Also, once the bike is bought it is already registered in Mexico and therefore getting it plated would be a snap. Having a Mexican plate keeps the police from zero'ing in on a north american gringo for the bribe!
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