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Originally Posted by Ken in Regina View Post
Actually, shaping points have always been hidden on Garmin devices

Don't take my word for it. Do this test. Create a two point route (A to B) in Basecamp or Mapsource. Make sure there are a few turns necessary to get from A to B. Export the route to a GPX file and view it in your favorite XML viewer or a text editor like Notepad. You will see a bunch of shaping points in the route. Transfer that route into any (non-Zumo) Garmin nav device that supports loading routes. Activate the route and look at the map. You will only see points A and B disolayed. None of the shaping points you see in the GPX file will be displayed nor will they be announced ... except that the appropriate turns they mark will be announced, of course.
OK, I just did the test with BC. Original route was a direct route with one via point. It exported to a .gpx file of about 5 Kbits, which only contained the usual xml stuff and the three points, as expected.

Then I removed the via point in the original route and switched it to Automotive activity in BC. This exported to a .gpx file of about 56 kbits, which contained the usual headers, etc. and about 280 lat/longs, none of which were specifically called shaping points in the xml viewer, just the start and finish were identified as via points. Upon simulating the route with CNNA and automobile routing, only the points where turns were necessary showed in the Nuvi dashboard's header field on the Montana and in the list of turns when that was clicked. (The only way you can see what points are in this route once transferred to the unit because you can't edit a follow-road route, only a direct one, unless you create it in the Montana.)

This is exactly what you indicated!!

So it seems to me that this all boils down to semantics, and both Garmin and us users penchant for not being explicit in our use of the terms. As Albie posted above, if you can see it, greyed or not, in the route properties box in BC, the Montana will treat it as a via point. Period.

Bottom Line: We cannot see shaping points in either BC or the Montana, only by looking at the gpx file with a viewer.

I know that for me, most of this confusion came from my years of experience with non routing GPS's, and thinking that I just HAD to put in a bunch of via points in order to make a route work more or less identically in BC or the Montana. Unfortunately, this is still true to some extent and varies a great deal depending on where your route is and what kind of roads you want it to be on. I've never had the least problem with the Montana and BC using CNNA to route me identically from major city to major city or most any town on secondary highways, but that's not what I bought this GPS for.

Maybe that's why they called it CITY NAVIGATOR!!

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