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Sometimes a good TUG works better!

While removing some ALUMINUM foil backed non-skid black material (sand like) from a LIFT I purchased over the weekend:

Option 1.
Tried a HEAT GUN and heated up one of the non-skid strips. The underlying adhesive partially melted and I was able to remove the strip. Left a residual quantity of 'adhesive'...NOT really removable with Goo-Gone, gasoline, or even a wire brush!

Option 2.
With a HEAT GUN...lifted just a corner of another strip...and then forcefully TUGGED at the strip to remove it. The entire strip released along with ALL of the adhesive on the back. There was NO residual adhesive left.
Note: Do not HEAT the entire strip...heat just enough so that you can get a hold of something to TUG with.

I had to cut the original strip into manageable size strips...6" be able to TUG to remove it. Any would have been impossible.

If you have ALUMINUM foil back graphics/surfaces that you want to remove...try the TUG method.

If you have NON-ALUMINUM backed graphics/surface...the HEAT GUN/Goo-Gone might work better.
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