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Originally Posted by hugemoth View Post
My educated guess would be between 80 and 100 mpg. I have a 200cc Chinese clone of that engine in my Lifan dual sport bike and it gets 65+ mpg running wide open on the highway and up to 80 mpg running around on the gravel roads and trails. So far it's given me over 36,000 trouble free miles so I would expect no less from the Honda.

The story on the CG125 is interesting. Honda was having trouble with cam related failures on the OHC 125 engines in 3rd world countries so they sent a team of engineers to investigate. What they found was people were buying the bikes and driving them with no maintenance until they stopped running. The CG engine was designed to stand up to abuse and keep on going. It's a rather unique design with a single lobe cam, upper and lower rocker arms, and short push rods.
Would you then recommend the CG125 over the GLCargo 150?
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