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Originally Posted by Rocky TFS View Post

I know that for me, most of this confusion came from my years of experience with non routing GPS's, and thinking that I just HAD to put in a bunch of via points in order to make a route work more or less identically in BC or the Montana. Unfortunately, this is still true to some extent and varies a great deal depending on where your route is and what kind of roads you want it to be on. I've never had the least problem with the Montana and BC using CNNA to route me identically from major city to major city or most any town on secondary highways, but that's not what I bought this GPS for.

Maybe that's why they called it CITY NAVIGATOR!!
It's been my experience as well. I've yet to see a route calculate differently on my Montana then from what I created in BC. It just frustrates the hell out of my that I have to make multiple routes because of the stupid 50 point limit, or worse, have to redo a route someone else has given me because it contains more then 50 points.
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