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Originally Posted by geg View Post
and that would be.... Rory Byrne
bodes well for the prancing horse no?

I'm sure Byrne will help.

However, I think Schumi's success at Ferrari was the result of two things.

First, a team of men who were more than the sum of their parts. Call it chemistry, synergy, whatever you like, the group that Michael assembled excelled.

Second, the exclusive relationship with their tire supplier. It gave Ferrari a huge edge.

When Montezemolo fired Schumacher and all the Anglos in an attempt to take the team back for the Italians, he made a ridiculous blunder that he's been trying to fix ever since, one hire at a time.

I tend to think it will be a long time before Ferrari will assemble another team the likes of Schumacher, Todt, Brawn, Byrne et al.

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