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Day 7 - January 18, 2013

We make our way to breakfast about 8am. Dave shows up shortly after. We’re all wondering if J & J have left already because they were going to be at breakfast at 7am. We haven’t heard any bikes start up this morning.

ADV’er Mike and his wife are at breakfast. We meet some very cool people from Switzerland and Austria. Another guy and his daughter are passing through moving a trailer full of furniture to their new vacation home in Los Barilles down from Denver. It’s always a good time hearing all the stories.

A short time later we see John and Jacque coming down to breakfast. They walk in and say “wow, you guys are up bright and early”. We say “we thought you guys were coming to breakfast at 7am? We thought you might have left already”. They think it is 7am. Evidently their phone had the wrong time. They are pretty surprised, make quick work of their breakfast and head off to Loreto.

Morning view from the yurt.

Nice place by the river to chill.

We take time to chat with Mike about the possibility of riding a dirt road section on our way back north to Bahia de Los Angeles in several days. We ask how rough the road is and if it can be done 2-up? He says it can be done 2-up with a good rider, that there are a several sandy sections, usually not too bad, depending on the time of year, a few short technical sections with some larger loose rock, but that we will be going downhill thru the technical sections so it should be easier. We make rough plans to take hwy 18 up near Benito Juarez, head east to El Arco, thru El Progreso, then north thru San Rafael and up to Bay of LA. Mike says the road is paved to El Arco or something like that so it is an easy ride, then the road turns to dirt but it fairly easy until you get closer to the coast and start heading north then it is a bit rougher.

We reluctantly stop chatting. We know we should get on the road soon since J & J have been gone over an hour. We pack up, grab some fuel and get on the road with Dave.

Getting ready to head out.

We run into some horses on the Hwy. The black horse has this “you wanna dance” look.

I don’t feel like dancing and opt for a safer off-road detour.

He looks pretty proud that I'm in the dirt and he is on the road.

We are having a great time thru the twisty’s, the weather is nice and winds are light.

I'm Lovin'this!

The roads don't suck much.

Dave is having a good time too.

Coming into Santa Rosalia

Dave's pose.

Santa Rosalia

Yeah! Who doesn't love a good Tope!

Policia Station in Santa Rosalia.

We make a gas stop in Mulege. As I pull up a guy asks me “are you kevin?” Umm? Yes. He says yeah your parents stopped in here and told me to say hi to you. Lol. He said they came thru 45min ago.

Bridge over Mulege river.

Killer beaches in Bahia Conception.

This doesn't suck much. It helps to have an onboard photographer.

We drive on to Loreto. We aren’t 100% sure where our hotel is but we have a cross street and know it’s close to the mission. We head down the street getting close to hotel. We pass the mission square and see Jacque on her BMW? We wonder if they have already been to the hotel and are sight-seeing or if they are lost? We spot our hotel, Posada Del Cortes and turn in. Patty jumps off to walk to the street and flags Jacque down. They have been in lost in town for 20 minutes. They got separated in town and lost their ability to use their Bluetooth coms. I leave Patty to check in while I go out on the bike to find John. I find him down on the Malecon doing laps, lol.

Hotel let us bring the bikes in the courtyard. Nice!

Hallway to our room with the balconies.

Courtyard fountain.

Cool outdoor stairway to rooms, courtyard and spiral stairs up to the rooftop terrace.

The hotel is an awesome surprise. We have been to Loreto before and walked around here but never seen this place just tucked in off a main road. We grab something to eat then go roam around town.

Town square, Loreto.

Loreto museum.

No idea what this is at the Museum

Loreto Mission

These trees near the square are very cool.

Local banana tree. Still trips me out they grow upsidedown

Dusty old taxidermy in a local shop.

Patty found some art for me! saweet!

Town square at night.

Tomorrow we are off to Todos Santos!

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