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Originally Posted by amanlikemike View Post



But in all seriousness, I'd look at the racks for defects before the bike frame for damage. Fingers crossed for you that it is the former.


I would normally consider the racks first as the problem, but I did have a fall on the bike a few years back, while moving on the interstate. Landed on that side of the bike, and bent the handlebar enough to dent the fuel tank. I know that the bars are easier to bend than the actual frame of the bike, but there's a mark on my swing arm right where the foot peg bolt is that says something's not quite lined up correctly. Either way, I bought some spacers, mounted the racks differently, and can keep the Overlander's. Which is great, cause once I saw them in person, I didn't want to send them back, especially after using the US 20/10/5 bags this weekend as a backpack.

P.S. Pics from the Middle Eastern run, pretty please!
Not many pictures to take when most of the trip is the 35 hours of flying to Afghanistan and back, and the handful of hours spent on the ground is trying to sleep in a tent with aircraft taking off and landing throughout the night. Still, here's a few of my setup:

(Sorry about the bad picture. As convenient as it is, the iPhone just doesn't make a good camera)
  • pair running shoes
  • pair shower shoes
  • toiletry bag
  • sleeping bag
  • neck pillow
  • insulated long sleeve shirt
  • PT shirt
  • Tan undershirt
  • 2 pairs of socks
  • 2 pairs of underwear
  • PT tracksuit: reflective pants and jacket
  • iPad with charging cable and headphones
  • Nook

All fits into here:

Simple, compact, and I even got a few compliments on the bags too.

I'm definitely sold on the brand!
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