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Originally Posted by oilfieldtrash View Post
My comment was in response to a post that implied that today's riders couldn't even hang on to the bikes "real men" rode back in the day which is nonsense.
you read too much into it. my comment stemmed from me bringing up the fact that I believe Aldon Baker gets too much credit when his meal ticket wins. I noted that all time greats such as Kenny Roberts and Scott Parker made their mark (I'm assuming, maybe they did but I doubt it) without trainers.

To which someone replied "Kenny Roberts,Scotty and Jay Springsteen could never perform like Blake Baggett did last year at Redbud."

to which I replied Blake Baggett couldn't hang onto a TZ750 dirt tracker at race speeds.

No knock on him most people couldn't and you'd be stupid to even try it.

NOBODY and I mean NOBODY is a bigger fan of todays MX/SX riders than me. You have to be over 50 and have ridden the stuff we did in the 70's to understand and appreciate just how far these guys have taken the envelope of all that riding MX/SX includes and to comprehend just how fast they are going. I've stood in the first turn at Unadilla and watched 70's riders go by and I've stood in the same turn and watched Dungey and company go by.

There is no comparison.

Todays riders are light years ahead of the previous generations. I've complimented todays riders numerous times in this thread and I'm boarding a plane for Dallas on Thursday to see my first ever Supercross.

That is first this millenium we were at Montreal in 1977 when Jimmy Ellis blitzed the field on a Can Am and Terry Clark took second and our hero Pat Moroney took 3rd. You can look it up.
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