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the dreaded swingarm boogie

Woo-hoo. I got back yesterday from 5 weeks in Baja, plus a week of taking the long way to get there from Nor Cal via Death Valley. The WR was awesome.

Unfortunately, I got too complacent and let the chain slack and lubrication get away from me. Conditions were very tough--salt spray, sand, mud that was more like cement (both wet and dry). The chain wore, got corroded, and I didn't notice it until it was too late and have suffered the painful-to-look-at swingarm damage. Chain slider gave way, chain slack was excessive, some of the links started to kink, and now I've got approx. 2-3 mm deep grooves worn in the bottom leading edge of my swingarm pivot.

I'd appreciate hearing from fellow WR owners on how they've recovered from this. Options I see are:

1. Replace the swingarm
2. Get it welded.
3. Fill with quicksteel.
4. Ignore it, and keep riding.

All of the options include replacing the chain slider and chain...
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