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Anyone have a good fork upgrade? I just put hydraulic brakes on and think the fork should be next.

I went back through your posts but could not be sure of what generation bike you have. I did see that it is a 24V 16". If you have the early generation (motorcycle style forks with the tubes going all the way up) then a decent and striaght forward upgrade is to go with the RST forks they changed the 16" to. These are the ones where the tubes stop before the triple clamp. They generally have better action, allow tighter turns thanks to the tubes being out of the way, and are supposed to be stronger. They still don't have much adjustment (I think) but it is an upgrade.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, find a bicycle shop with a friendly mechanic and they can take you through the options. Just about any bicycle fork in 16" should work.

The 20" uses "dirt jump" forks which are pretty darn strong for bicycle stuff. They even handle 180 degree nose wheelies with my substantial bulk on it!
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