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Hey Oset bikers!
Just got to spend a few minutes on a 20" while at the BC bike show and really got the bug...
Curious to hear about all the batty conversions and voltage considerations that have been done for tech upgrades. My kids have no idea how much trouble I am about to get in, but the Mrs is gonna scream when she sees the box arrive. I should prolly get the 16" that Jammer is selling at a good deal, and let the kids have some fun. Too bad I am thinking of Papi(myself) and the bigger one...

It will be a sure sight cheaper than the Zero I have on my favorites
Am I understanding you right? You are going to buy a 20" for yourself to ride instead of a full size Beta? Awesome! Please please please keep us updated!

For the battery upgrades you might want to go with the link I put in my first post if you want the simplicity of drop in replacements. If you want to go full on Lipo and are ok with the extra complexity then let me know and I could put together a shopping list for you.

Too cool!
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