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Salento to Buga

The riding from Salento to Buga was only ok. We had a better and longer route planned but some nasty weather made the choice for us to take quickest way. It was pretty hot once out of the mountains and the some very heavy rain. Buga was more of a place to stop for us than anything. It does have some nice old colonial buildings but none of us felt the need to stay any longer than a night.

Along the way...
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We then stopped a nice restaurant in wine country for lunch. They started our lunch off with a small glass of wine each. After lunch we had a few more sips. They had some really neat flavors. I am not a wine guy but we were easily persuaded into some more tasting.

The boys having some free wine

This nice cop on this bike had a chat with us about the bikes and our trip. He was also sure to let us know that he had a better moto at home and showed us a picture on his phone. I still love how something as simple as a motorcycle can create such conversations and allow total strangers to approach each other.

High dollar wine bottles

And off to Buga in the rain. Only about an hour and well worth the ride to have a sweat room like this!!

The Suave Tigre room!!(inside joke)

Three tiger blankets and beds as hard as rocks, but cheap! The Canadians help keep me in check budget wise b/c they are traveling longer. I am not as worried about budget b/c I am going straight back to work and traveling for less time. But it is nice with 3 to cut cost and then we do single rooms when we find a good deal. Those deals seem to be coming more often in southern Colombia.

While hanging at our hotel on the internet (no roaming around the city b/c of the rain) we decide to take a swim. There a few girls around the pool and then about 45 min later there are 12 college students. The were in Buga for 3 days doing some work in a national park as part of their course of study. They were all mostly environmental and forestry students.

mini pool party with a few beers

Mihai fine tuning his salsa.

Colombians of all ages are ready to break into dancing anytime anywhere!! Its pretty cool. I need to improve my dancing!

As we were all calling it a night I had a great idea! Pawel had fallen asleep with headphones in. Our room was the closest to the pool and everyone had to walk by it to get to their rooms. I asked these nice young ladies if they would pose for a picture with Pawel asleep. They were happy to play along.

Then one of them accidentally brushed against him and he sprung up! Classic shot and this was his immediate move straight from asleep. Great recovery!!

They were all fun to talk and laugh with. One of the main topics of conversation was about how our families feel about us traveling to Colombia and how we have liked Colombia so far and do we feel safe. These are questions that a lot of Colombians ask and want detailed answers to. It has made for great conversation and I will elaborate on this in my Colombia wrap up.

Some sights around Buga

Guys painting the church by hand. The bricks are fake. Just lines painted.

One of the painters came down form the scaffolding and had a nice talk with us. More questions about what we thought of Colombia. He asked that we enjoy his country and take positive stories home.

I really dont like wires in my pictures. But this had to be captured and it makes it clear that you are not taking a pic in Buga without a wire in it.

Popayan is the next stop!!
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