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Take it from me, the longer you stay somewhere, be it camping or just staying at a friend's or relative, the longer it takes you to pack up your bike! Holy cow! It took me forever to finally hit the road again this morning.
The weather really wasn't looking too good, and the rain came down in huge spats occasionally, but by the time Spirit was all packed up, it looked like it might stay dry a while.
Of course getting out of any huge city takes a while, so when I finally hit Hwy 35 going south, I breathed a little easier.

The say looked gloomy, and I honestly did not see too much that I wanted to take a picture of.

I did want to see how fast I could get the camera started and take a shot. With this camera, very fast!
Saw the cows in the trailer as I was passing them and thought, hey a funny pic

That blue building is a hotel

I rode toward Corpus Cristy and checked my email at a McD
I had heard back from SaltWindandFire, and called him to say I was near.
Unfortunately we kept playing phone tag, and I decided to check out the free campsite off interstate 37.
Other than noisy it is really a cool campsite, if you don't count the stray cats crawling around you tent, and inside your vestibule, looking for food.
Shall I give them my leftovers????
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