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Originally Posted by PolyrhythmFX View Post
In the case of the Mesa Recto it helps a bit. They have a fizzy distortion to them so the more you can tame that down, the better IMO. Some people like it, some don't. EQ settings have to do with it as well but with the Mesa Rectifier series they all the a similar distortion characteristic. Even with lower gain levels set, the amp still has a bit of "fizz" even if you lower the guitar's volume. Kind of the nature of the beast I suppose. On the flip-side, they have more distortion on tap than almost any other amp.
Amen Brother. I had a Mesa Road King II and the fizziness drove me nuts because I could never get rid of it. I ended up replacing it with a Mesa Mark V.
Originally Posted by Stevie2wheels
Even so I wouldn't sit there like a shag on a rock, waiting to be punched up the arse into next week by the next negligent drongo who happens to come along.
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