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Originally Posted by ohgood View Post
is it soup yet ? where's the wheelie-in-the-snow pic at 790 oclock ?

cmon man !
Getting close.. I'm trying to do it this Friday. I replaced the clutch today with the Barnett Clutch kit from Procycle.

Starting by draining all the oil

Then I started to remove the 2 oil lines attached to the side case. I also had to remove my center stand and pull the brake pedal down to get it out of the way of the case.I used my handy impact driver to remove all the bolts. I always forget I have this tool, and its great when you have a bunch of bolts that have to come out.

Once the case was off, I finally had a good look at my NSU. I did not want to remove the clutch basket, so I just used a few different screwdrivers to tighten the upper screw. the bottom one wasn't loose, but wasn't tight.. I removed the screw and used some high temp red locktite to secure it. (screw is removed in the below picture)

I honestly wasn't sure what to expect when I opened the case. The previous owner had no idea what a NSU was when I asked, so that screw could have been gone years ago.

Another picture of inside the case:

NSU screw:

Alright... Then I got to the clutch. I removed the old friction and steel plates, and made note of the order. I installed the new Barnett clutch parts.

No Clutch plates;

The Barnett clutch springs are a little bit longer.

Once everything was installed I started to clean the old gasket off the side case... what a pain in the ass that was. I went to auto zone for gasket remover (not sure if its a real product or not) but the guy directed me to carb cleaner and said that it will work... it didn't. I used a box cutter to cut a lot of the old gasket off. When I installed the new gasket, I used copper gasket spray and mounted it when it got tacky. After filling up the oil, cleaning up everything, installing all the parts I took off, I started the bike. Oil came pouring out of the top near the oil filter and all along the bottom.. I had to take everything apart again and clean the gasket surface again. I will admit that I didn't do a good job the first time around.


To remove the old gasket, I used a 220 grit sandpaper and my rotating sander. I did not apply any pressure, and just used the weight of the sander to cut up the old gasket. when the surface was clean, i sprayed some more copper spray and tried again (this time not putting the bike together first, in case I had another issue). No problems at all. I am dreading removing the paper base gasket off my cylinder, but its gonna have to be done right.

After putting everything back together I ran the bike for 20 minutes at idle, and let the oil heat up to 240*F. no leaks at all

I guess the new clutch has to wear in a little, but I had to adjust my cable adjustment near the lever to almost full out for the wheel to stop spinning. I'll be keeping an eye on this. I only road the bike down my driveway and back, since the road currently look like (outside my driveway):

This is not slush, that is solid ice...

I felt like I was 4-wheeling in my little Jetta!
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