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Lurkin in here as usual. Quick question for KTMBill, then I'll get lost as not to jack the thread. Up on post #18, Bill recommended bleeding brakes with dot #4. My 2000 uses dot 5.5 which is a silicone based fluid. This is not compatable with the glycol based dot #3/4 type fluids. Did KTM change the spec fluid over the years? Am I missing something here? Don't mix 3&4 systems with 5. Just sayin.....Thanks guys, I now return you to the regularly scheduled banter..
The top lid on my handlebar reservoir, '02 640a, says "Use Dot 4 Only".

I used some Dot 3 cause I was leaving for Central America and was in a rush. I lost the rear brake completely coming down a volcano to Lago Atitlan in Guate.

Problem cured with Dot 4.
Speciality item in Guatemala small towns.

Scares me to see blown out USA school buses coming down the mountains with Dot 3 in the system, teen age drivers shifting gears like crazy.
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