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Day 8 Ė January 19, 2013

We grab some breakfast so we can get out early and ride to Todos Santos today. We have 270miles today. We are all leaving at the same time but Dad and Jacque tell us we can ride ahead and they will meet us there. Dadís GPS isnít that great and since they got lost in Loreto I tell him if the road signs get confusing that we will stop and wait for them. We havenít been south of Loreto so we will be relying on the Zumo today (or Pattyís Blackberry, lol)

Turkey Vultures spread out to catch the morning sun.

The roads are nice and twisty along the coast and over the mountains leaving Loreto. It is an amazing ride!

Once you hit the flats it becomes farm county and pretty flat.

We roll thru Ciudad Insurgentes and it is getting pretty warm. We pull off to shed some layers and are enjoying the heat of the south.

We pass thru Ciudad Constitucion and have a nice ride down to La Paz.

Coming into La Paz.

Sites of La Paz

I'm guessing this is a junk yard?

A mall in La Paz?

Even a Walmart and Sam's club.

In La Paz we know we have to stay on Hwy 1. I tell Patty to keep an eye on the road signs to make sure Dad and Jacque can figure it out when they come through. First turn is well marked and says Todos Santos. At our next turn, there are no signs indicating that you have to turn right to stay on Hwy 1 or to go to Todos Santos. Iím thinking if they blow past this turn it could be awhile before they figure it out. I turn around and decide we better wait for them. Me, Patty and Dave chill on the side of the road so we are easily visible.

We are entertained watching the assortment of vehicles by. Cars with no exhaust systems. Literally smoke shooting straight down from the exhaust manifold out the bottom of the car.
A full size van so packed full of people that they had their arms hanging out every window.
The bus system seems to be that you just wait on the side of the road and watch for a bus and flag it down. We watched people jumping on the busing carrying and old school 32Ē TV.
Checking out the local pizza delivery guys who all ride motorcycles.

After about an hour, Dad and Jacque finally arrive. They assure me they would have figured out the turn eventually.

Dad and Jacque just arriving in La Paz at our chill spot.

We all get back on the road with just 50 something miles to go. J & J tell me they are sure they can find the hotel so we speed on ahead of them.

Coming into Todos Santos the Zumo is being a little slow to update the turns, so I keep overshooting them. Patty can remember alot of the turns and her Blackberry is updating faster than the Zumo until it loses our location. Between the two of us we find the hotel without much work.

When we arrive, the hotel owner tells us we can park around back in a locked area. Iím a bit worried about J & J finding the hotel so I leave Patty and Dave at the hotel to check-in while I ride back to the Hwy to watch for them.

Iím riding all over and doing laps around town for about 20 minutes. I ask some kids in town if they have seen any motorcycles go by, they say no. After I past the same kids for the 3rd time they yelled ďwheelieĒ. So, over a natural dirt tope, with a knobby, and still fully loaded with gear, I get a crap load of traction and the ass heavy bike into a ďoh shitĒ type of wheelie, which of course got me some amazing applause and a few heart palpations.

I eventually find them at a Pemex in town asking for directions. I guess they had blown straight though Todos Santos and were on their way toward Cabo until they past a sign that said something like, Thanks for visiting Todos Santos and decided maybe they had drove thru it and turned back around.

We eventually all get to the hotel, Posada La Poza. This is our splurge for the trip. It is a tropical oasis! We are excited to spend the next two nights here!

Our upstairs room has a balcony with a killer view of the fresh water lagoon and the Pacific Ocean.

We decide to paddle a row boat across the lagoon to check out the sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

Panorama of the Pacific Ocean.

Patty enjoying the sunset surf.

Awesome beach.

Can you spot the crab?

We seriously debated on taking the kayak and leaving the other couple with the row boat. Row boats suck!

It took me like 20 min to paddle across the small lagoon in this rowboat! Atleast the view was good. Well not of me, but the sunset.

The pool, hot tub and grounds look amazing.

Patty grabs a few photos as the sun sets over the lagoon.

It was really that nice.

Looks pretty inviting.

Tomorrow is gonna be great!

We donít want to leave again so we eat dinner at the on-site restaurant. OMG the food is good! Dave decides to walk to town to check out a concert in the town square tonight and the famous, Hotel California.

After dinner, all of us head down to the hot tub. It wasnít exactly hot, which was a bummer, just barely warm. John goes in to ask them if they can turn it on for us? They say itís on a timer and turns off at 8pm so we can enjoy it tomorrow. Thatís annoying since it is only 9pm.

Up to the room for a HOT shower and we chill outside on the balcony for a while listening to ocean and an occasional owl. The hammock swing on the balcony was putting both of us to sleep. Nice end to a long day.
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