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FatCat tire thoughts?

A FatCat is a thumper, right?

Recently, in one of those "too good not to partake in" type deals, I became the owner of a 1987 TR200 FatCat. It remains to be seen if the deal was too good for me, or for the previous owner, but either way, we're all happy.

One new battery, one brief trailer ride, and one drained/cleaned/refilled fuel tank later, the FatCat is purring away happily at it's new home, namely my parents small ranch. So far my father seems to be enjoying the new toy, as it dovetails nicely with his existing toys. He fiddles with the FatCat, which requires testing, so he rides the FatCat around in the field, leaving the field a mess of FatCat tracks, he then parks the FatCat at the barn, fires up the 8N, and discs the field. With this done, he takes the tractor back to the barn, where the FatCat is sitting, in need of further fiddling. So he fiddles with the FatCat, which requires testing... At least he's out of mom's hair.

He has noticed, much like I did when I was fiddling with the FatCat, that the steering is, well, odd. No doubt a significant portion of this is due to the nature of FatCats, but we can't help but think that some of it might be due to the front tire. The factory tires were 23.5x8-11 rear and 24.5x8-11 front. The rear is a very worn out factory, and the front seems to have been replaced recently with a 24x8-11. The thing is, the replacement front tire is very "square", and rather tractor lugged. I have no doubt that it was the cheapest close-enough sized tire the local dealer could throw on there, sourced from their stock of rear fourwheeler tires. It's just what the ranchers put on all their work fourwheelers. But it makes for an odd front tire for a twowheeler. I know the originals were not as square shouldered, so...

I'm thinking we take this tire off, and have it mounted on the rear wheel. 23.5 to 24 shouldn't be too big a jump, I think it will fit. Then we buy a better matched tire for the front. Solving both the rear tire problem, and helping the handling issue at the same time. So the question is, what tire should I put on the front? Any thoughts?

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