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Originally Posted by NSFW View Post
mine is from a 2002, the carrier not turning smoothly, there's some resistance, and somewhat crunchy.

pushed bearing out, it's made by NSK (germany), # 6205 B2RSR2NG. the OD is 2.0465-2.0470. the bearing itself turns smoothly and no play.

anyway, since it's 2 years old and over 6k miles, i decided to get a new bearing. JAF 6205RS (made in japan @ $30). same OD as the NSK 6205.

i checked the ID of the carrier, 2.0442-2.0445...

based on the above numbers, the interference is over .002. that's a lot....

that explains why the bearing was tight. the outer raceway was getting crushed causing it to collapse.

we do a lot of press fit bearing installation here and the typical interference is .0005 - .001.

does anyone has an uninstalled oem ktm bearing ? OD?

what's the ID of your carrier?

my next move is machine the ID of the carrier by removing .001 of material.

machined the bore to 2.0460, installed the bearing went smoothly (not slip fit). i even balanced the tire afterwards, and i can tell it was spinning with little friction and finding the off balance at the same spot again and again.

already did 2k miles and so far so good.
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