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Originally Posted by JayhooRay View Post
I was just checkin' in to see how the adventures are going. Glad to see you out with your bro! And I'm glad to hear that life is offering you more than two wheel or skirt adventures...although those are usually more than enough. I was trying to remember if it was last year or two years ago when you showed up at my house in the middle of the night? The next morning the Tiger in my drive way pretty much shifted my paradigm. I think chasing down a Dakar was only about a half step up from the KLR though... I already want more but there are budget constraints!

Guess I'll have to go a few more pages back to learn about your business.

I've been a somewhat similar pattern as you although mine is learning how to deal with working 40+ hours a week for the gubmint. I've been breaking in a fine woman to the back of the Dakar. She's a pretty good pillion. I don't know how to write up the ride report for the Baja run we did this was something of a debacle. No blood, no permanent damage, and next to no time in Mexico...

Don't know when I'll get out to Boise...its just a little too far away for a weekend...

Maybe see you at the ADV Spring Brake here for frosted mud season? I'm gonna need real nobs again...
Hi Jay,
Nice to hear from ya man! I think it was fall 2010 I was there. I can't rmember. Too much booze makes the memory fuzzy. Glad ur getting along just fine. I can only imagine.... Trevor and Dad made it safely back from their four weeks in Baja. Dad left today. Things are good here. Just running the biz and living on that small business owner budget.
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