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Day 3
I forgot to mention a few details about the restaurant from the previous night. First, the place lived up to the name, "sea chest". It had a maritime feel to it without looking too much like the inside of a pirate ship. When we got there I had asked for a not-so-small two-person table, but when I saw the tables they weren't that bad and took whatever they had. I almost wondered about the section they put us in because there were 2 tables in the small section that had wheelchair bound people. Also, adding us to the room brought the average age to about……..70. Anyway, didn't matter. The place was close and as it turned out, the service from our waitress was great and the food was good as well. The rest you know.

Anyway, back to this morning when Stephanie would get the top of the line version of her free breakfast. At this hotel you circle the items you want for breakfast on a door-hanger card, leave it on the door (in this case we handed it to the girl up front) the night before and they deliver it to your room the following morning at the time you indicated you wanted it. Sure enough, a little after waking the knock on the door came and food was delivered. I tipped the guy and we laid the food out at the small table by the window:

Breakfast, which again I forgot to take a picture of, (if you remember it took me a good few days into our 3,000 mile trip to remember to take pictures of the food), consisted of salmon and cream cheese Bagels, muffins and some pineapple juice. Nothing spectacular, but good enough, and being able to eat it in the room with the view we had only made it better. We finished up and got ready to head out for a bit.

Cambria is the sort of place you just kind of hang out at, walk on the beach, hike and maybe go visit Hearst castle. We weren't going to be doing much of any of that this morning since we wanted to have the time on the road as we headed back towards Monterey. With this in mind we headed out on the bikes and down to Main street (about 2 miles away) which is essentially the small downtown area of Cambria. I also figured we'd get gas while we were out and avoid having to fill up down the road where, as I mentioned before, buying gas is pretty much like getting mugged or raped…or both. I can understand to a certain extent. These places are off the beaten path so I assume GETTING gas is also somewhat of a hassle for the seller. But not THAT much of a hassle. The gas stations are spread out to 30-40 miles at times so it's simple supply and demand I guess.

When we were passing through this downtown area of Cambria a few years ago it had been bustling with activity. Today, not so much. It was a Saturday too, so maybe it was the combination of overcast skies and cooler temperatures that was keeping people home. We walked around for maybe 10 minutes and took off. There really was nothing going on. Check-out was at 11:00, so we had some time to get back and gather our things and head out.

When we got back to the hotel there was an older couple walking into the lot of the hotel. He was much older than she and the inevitable assumption of the guy crapping money was made. As they walked by the older gentlemen said, "those are beautiful bikes", while his wife commented about what a wonderful way to travel that must be. We concurred and said thank you. Again, more nice people :)

We packed and called the front desk to check out and headed out to the bikes to load up. I guess the front desk people thought we would be gone within a few minutes because just as we were walking out one of the cleaning ladies opened the door and of course, seeing us there (and Stephanie already with her helmet on) scared the living crap out of her. She apologized to which I said no problem, we were just walking out. I'm pretty sure she'll always knock from now on, just in case.

Out at the bikes, we loaded up and Stephanie fiddled with her heated liner, eventually getting things just right. We were off. Next stop, probably a warm drink, then food a little further down, then Monterey. Traffic was light again as we made our way north along HWY-1. It was a little warmer out. About 54 degrees, so not by much. Visibility was much better than yesterday though. it was still somewhat overcast, but there was no fog. The same could not be said about the roads, which still obviously had a lot of debris from the recent road re-surfacing. Stephanie later told me the she was being pelted by rocks again so I suggested she rode a little further back from here on out.

Just passed Hearst Castle we came up on the spot where the previous day there had been what looks like a thousand sea lions along the shore. We didn't stop then because of the time, figuring we'd stop today on the way back. Today there were just as many PEOPLE as there were actual sea lions!! It was not to be I guess. When I pulled off to the side of the road, just across the street from the lot we would need to pull in to, I asked Stephanie if she wanted to pull in. She was just as enthused about the crown as I was and said no thanks. Next time.
Here's the street-view of the spot (click here and pan around and you can get an idea as to how many elephant seals are here):

We continued on and came up on 2 guys on harleys. The first guy seemed much younger and was on (I think) a Harley Sportster. The 2nd guy was on a cruiser. We weren't in a hurry, especially on the gravel ridden sections, but the 2nd guy in the pair (sadly enough, with Florida plates) was DEFINITELY not in a hurry. We weren't waiting for him and apparently neither was his riding partner. Only further along did the Sportser pull over to wait for his buddy.

It was still a bit on the cold side and we were coming up on the Whale Watcher Cafe again. Time for a stop. When we were getting off the bikes I see Stephanie staring at her bike and she didn't look happy. Looks like she wasn't the only thing that was being pelted with gravel. Her new Streetfighter had 2 nice chips in her paint as well. Poor Stephanie was almost in tears (it is a new bike after-all). I assured her I would get some touch up paint and that she'd never know it happened (YouTube here I come). After said consoling we went in and had the same hot drinks. We'll get food a bit later down the road. Once settled I mentioned about there not being fog and how much better the visibility was today. To this Stephanie commented about how it probably WAS a good thing she couldn't see yesterday. At least today she was on the inside lanes.

Google street view of the whale watcher cafe (click HERE to pan around):

I'm not one to judge, but while we were inside this guy comes in that I swear looks like a maniac. He was probably about 6'1" and weighed MAYBE 150 pounds soaking wet. His hair was all mangled and what little you could see of his eyes had that look of perpetual eye shadow. Yet, he didn' have makeup on. In short, he looked like Marilyn Manson, Dave Navarro and Rob Zombie had birthed a child together. That's the only explanation. No, not that he is their child, but that he must be in a band or something. I mean he didn't look homeless or anything. This is this guy's look. So the guy comes in and asks the waitress if she had seen a big crazy looking irish guy. Seriously?? What might THAT guy look like if THIS guy was saying he was "crazy looking"?? The waitress laughed and said she hadn't seen anyone. Was pretty funny. One that show was over, we paid the bill and walked outside. It must be something about this place because again, it seemed like everyone was having a really hard time pulling/lining up to the pump. It was as if the damn pump had a force field around it. Forget people watching. Or Sea Lion watching for that matter. You could sit here and watch the people coming in and out of here for hours. And as you can see in the picture above (from the previous day), there is a LOT of room there. Again, great entertainment, but we had to get moving.
Outside, I'm putting my gear on and I see a brand spankin new Corvette Z06 that was all blacked out. It didn't even have a tag yet. Just had some L.A. dealer's plate on it. I signal to Stephanie and nod towards the car for her to take a look. I hadn't seen anyone around it and didn't see anyone whom I would think would be the owner. I say out loud to Stephanie "wonder who's that is". Not 2 seconds later, who walks towards the car? You guessed it…….Rob Manson!! Now I figure for SURE the guy is in a band. The "Big, crazy irish guy" was a few steps behind him. They get in and roar off south in the opposite direction of where we're headed……...(more to come)
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