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Originally Posted by medisyn View Post
Is there anything I can do to the surface of the crankcase cover to get it to seal better with the oil filter cover?
Take it off, clean well. Then get a flat piece of glass (thickish is better), and you better check if it is flat with a ruler or why, use a little oil on the ruler's side. Mix a fine grinding paste with some oil, and spread this over the glass. Then place the sidecover with the filterhousing's surface square on the glass, and move the housing over the glass in an 8-shape - only a light & constant pressure is required.
The trick is to keep the lot square on the glass. Check the housing's surface, and when the full surface is ground (like in it touches the glass everywhere) it is flat, or flat enough to obtain a seal with your new filtercover.
Clean VERY well afterwards, you don't want grinding paste in your engine!

I have not checked the sidecover, but the above should work (and only will work!) if the filterhousing's surface is the most-proud part. If it's not you'll have to find a machine shop, and have the surface skimmed by an end-mill.
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