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Originally Posted by ADVCoop View Post
You could try this for kicking "technique" :
1) Turn fuel on and lay bike over for 30 seconds or so. This insures carb is full.
2) Put bike in 4th or 5th, crack the throttle and roll the bike back and forth a couple of times. Be sure you hear/feel the piston cycle in the cylinder. Stop on a backwards roll so the piston is near TDC. This helps create vacuum to draw fuel into the cylinder before you start kicking.
If I do both of those, bikes start pretty easily for me.
Boy, you need to look at your starting/pilot circuit.
- one missed step though, like any 2T, is if it has sat for days/weeks and you didn't add any mixed fuel, give the bike a shake and bounce for a min to make sure its mixed up and not separated.

That early Aprilia is also a possible candidate for a flaky (ducati? ) ignition/stator.
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