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The other thing I learned was that while the AT is a great tool, it's not as good as an experienced operator with a dyno.

After spending a lot of time tweaking the maps with the AT, I then put the Breva 1100 on the dyno and the bloke took it one step further and the difference although minor was noticeable - even to my inept riding abilities.

So like all tools it's just that, a tool. Don't be fooled by the Dynojet hype into blindly believing that because it puts a heap of numbers up on a computer screen it is giving the only map that can operate the engine at peak performance. It sounds like your bloke might be on the right wavelength to get the best result from your install. I am really interested to see what the end result is.

What I have found the AT absolutely the ducks nuts for is compensating for varying riding conditions. Particularly altitude and temperature, and although very difficult to be sure I reckon it also helps with differing fuel "quality".

Oh and as well as that, and it turned my Breva1100 from a mild mannered over priced tractor into a fire breathing Italian beauty
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