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Originally Posted by RedRupert View Post
Thanks. I will answer so that there is a record of what I've done etc.:

I used a Flex-Hone to hone the bores in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations and instructions. I used the 240 grade Aluminium Oxide version, which produced a nice light and even cross-hatched surface. I used WD40 to lubricate, and ran the tool through the bore with quick strokes for only 20 seconds. It does not look as if I've ruined the cylinder - remember that it drank oil before I honed, as well as after. Flex-Hones should not be used in two-strokes because of the ports.

This is the result:

I replaced the rings on my 2004 950, and honed the cylinders with the same type of hone. I also added the crankcase vent valve that did not come on the early bikes. I had no issues with ring seating, and oil consumption is quite low.

However, the picture of your cylinder shows the angle of the cross-hatching is way too shallow. I am a professional auto technician, and have found honing properly takes a while to get the hang of. It appears the you had the hone rpm too high for the frequency of your up and down movement. The ideal angle is 60 degrees between the up and down lines, while yours appears to be about 10 degrees. Hopefully some break-in oil will help seat those rings without another tear-down.
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