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I'm currently going over my bike in preparation for the Tuareg Rally, doing some maintenance and a few upgrades. Almost ready to race...

One of the things I wanted to fix are two oil leaks that I have had for a while, one at the valve cover and the other at the cylinder base:

I was a bit frustrated that these came up on a low mile bike, but maybe that was unfounded... Now that I have the tank off I noticed a puddle of engine oil in my airbox, the underside of my seat was covered with a film, and there was some on the frame on the back side of the airbox. So I think it's engine oil that ran down the fuel line, and then dripped onto the cylinder. And on the front, it looks like the crankcase vent hose was not seated all the way, and oil had been seeping from there and not the valve cover gasket:

Has anybody else had this problem? I have been running the oil level at the higher end of the recommended range, maybe this coupled with some hard riding and sustained high speed runs while in supermoto trim led to foaming/misting and getting all this oil through the vent hose?

I'm going to try to solve this by fixing the lower part of the breather hose to the valve cover with a clamp, and by putting a Thumper Racing case vent somewhere inline, have had good luck with them on my EXCs that had the same misting problem, plus gaskets live longer and you make more power.

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