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... today when I was using my inch-lb to tighten up the 8mm bolts on my oil filter cover, the little sob backed off the calibration nut on the handle without me noticing, and as I was tightening the bolts I was thinking, this doesn't feel right. Its VERY easy to strip those oily little filter cover bolts...
I decided a LONG time ago, I wasn't going to have to rely on torque wrenches to get me through life. I "learned" how various torque ranges "feel" by referencing the torque wrench. I'll still pull one out for doing head bolts or somesuch for peace of mind and which helps maintain my "calibration" but for the thousands of things I've tightened over the years, from 2-56's to 3/4-10's, no issues. Also good is practicing stripping and breaking threads to know what it feels like leading up to it and occurring. Not on something you may have to spend hours repairing, of course, but there's lots of opportunities at landfills and junkyards. You can practice on loose nuts and bolts at home using a good vise mounted to a solid bench.
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