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verify fuel flow, Roger_04 s method is likely the easiest to do where you are.

maybe this will help


quote from Robert at the above link:

I ran the motorcycle for 60 seconds and collected 3 lbs. 13 oz. of fuel which equates to 0.64 gallons (6 lbs. per gallon), which translates to 145 liters per hour. Much better than the pump spec of 110 l/h and easily 3 times the amount required to produce full power. Every 10 minutes the pump runs 5 gallons of fuel through the system.

Thinking back on the failure of my system and the multiple cracks in the hose. I suspect that my system was running fine with some leaks but then one opened to the point where there was little to no fuel pressure. If I'd been measuring pressure and volume once a year I might have caught this long ago.

The 145 l/h will serve as a baseline for future measurement to assess the health of the fuel delivery system including pump, filter and internal hose condition.

As a side note, the new pump is noticeably quieter than the old one. Also the engine is noticeably smoother (am I imagining this?) Which I believe is due to the better injector matching (< 2%) after cleaning.

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