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The answer is yes
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two weekends in March?

Originally Posted by bully1 View Post
I spoke to Merv last night, the donga's are gone ( but we knew that ) so have booked the grass. The sportsmans club is open but no meals, I reckon that we pick up some meat during the day and have a barbie, might be able to talk the old bugga into hitting the dam for a feed of juggies .

So far got

Davey Sprockett
Guzzimike ( possible )

who else, it's a long weekend, may as well go somewhere

Hi Bully

There are 2 long weekends in March but I assume you mean March 2-4 ?

Road Harley is NOT setup for camp gear so will have to be proper bike DRZ400 .

Expressions of interest = yes .

Keep me posted

Cheers Jay

PS Konrad that piccy for the part WAS orange in the photo. So why did Bully have to ask? Hehehhe.
PPS Shame it was the 990 ..Could have just fixed with a cable tie or wire if it was old and Japanese.
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