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Originally Posted by PeterW View Post
It won't work ?, well, not the way you hope.

If you can bend stuff so none of the welds are critical for strength, maybe, but typically plastic doesn't 'weld' like metal. The joins won't be as strong as the bulk material. Not saying plastic is bad, some of the moulded plastic guards are excellent, but they aren't made with welds.

I've certainly fixed things like indicator housings and handguards, but 'structural' strength is going to be a hard ask.

The stock skid plate which came on my bike appears to be HDPE and it is most certainly welded, the Hyde Racing skid plate also looks to have some welds on it at well. I think the key to strength is to make it all one piece and score the material at the bends so the weld only holds the material in place. I've never been one to be dissuaded by whether something was thought possible or not.

Originally Posted by NJjeff View Post
Plastic welding (when you know how) is a very stable joining method with strengths equal or greater than the base material.
Though the technique is somewhat different than gas welding or brazing the concept is there.
Countless tanks, fixtures, and structures are routinely fabricated from plastic and joined by hot gas welding. When done properly there is no concern for failure.

How well will a plastic skid plate function, I don't know. I think I'd call it a splash shield or stone guard and hope for the best. None the less it can be fabricated though it will most likely look bulky due to the material thickness required for strength.

I'd suggest you try here:
They offer multiple units.

A few points for the actual welding. Cleanliness of the base material and gas (air or N2) is utmost critical. Your not going to get away with an oil type air compressor with excessive moisture mixed in. A diaphragm type compressor with a method of moisture removal is good start.
This is what I want to hear! cheers! By they way, it is quite common these days in rock crawling is to use plastic skids, I expect some deformation under impact but am not worried about it, I just need to dissipate most of the energy. As to a source of gas, it looks like nitrogen is the way to go.
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