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Originally Posted by mendoteach View Post
Oil starvation because of long wheelies will never be a problem for me. I was born without the balance wheelie gene, and am to big of a wuss to loop out enough times to learn. I can power wheelie just fine, but when the torque curve can't keep up, down she goes.

Steve, I am hoping to have somebody help me with degreeing the damn cam in the next week. If that fails, I'm buying a degree wheel and giving it a go myself. Here's a good article I found:

CW, says 110 degrees on the intake with zero lash. Different than how they are generally done I guess.
we are brothers then...I do not and cant ride a long wheelie, not on a bmx, mountainbike racing when I was racing and especially not now on the no cavitating oil pump fr me either! jajaja
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