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The po of my bike had just changed the oil with fresh 20-50 when I bought it......I was able to get some good rides on the 20-50.....but it was due for an oil change, so I went ahead and picked up some valvoline 10-40 full syn, and a wix filter, and put them in today......the 10-40 made a huge difference in the power, downright shocking I knew there'd be some diff because its been cold here, and the 20-50 isn't meant for cold weather riding. But I had no clue how big the difference was really going to be. On my high hp street bikes you don't really feel much diff....but on the lower hp dual sports you feel everything.
The bike literally pulled like it was in a gear lower than it really was.
I got on the gas and thought I was still in 4th and I was in 5th. And that was with the 4.6 IMS full, and heading up a slight hill. Thats never happened before on this bike
Between the thinner oil and the powerbomb/cut airbox with some fine tuning, she's really pulling strong now for an xrl at 5000ft up
The more power I'm getting the more I'm wanting tho

The only thing I miss about the 20-50 is that the motor was a little quieter and smoother......but it felt like it was chained to a post before the 10-40. And I did most of my riding in warm weather with the 20-50.....and the difference is still this big.

I just wanted to let you guys know my experience....if you're running 20-50 I'd recommend going down to 10-40, and a full syn at that
Not sure why the po opted to run 20-50 in the poor xrl
I bet a guy would notice even more of a diff if he went to a full syn 10-30....a little light for our bikes I think, but I bet it would raise the fun factor in the engine department even more And you could prolly pull it off in a colder climate for the winter riders
sierra the manual says why and when to use the recomended oil specs and at what temps

its obvious if youre in cold climates and in winter and have summer specd oil that not only are you making the pump work harder but you have a tremendous amount of extra drag on all surfaces because of the COLD.

saying you reccomend a 10-40 on all xrls, and synthetic at that is opening a can o worms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would not dare use a 10-40 when its 110f degrees down here on the beach for example or normal riding...

think about it...

if your climate does not vary more than 15-20f you can as per the manual use a STRAIGHT grade oil(40w) which has the benefit of lasting longer and performing better because there are no viscosity modifiers in the oil...

remeber this golden rule the bigger difference between "weights" the more modifiers and crap the oil will shear faster...

flame on
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