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Another Ginger installment

Last night I installed a few more goodies.
Here is the KTM EVO Air Filter cover.
This took some modifications by me. It seems the front tabs are too long and cause the cover to flex upwards. Short work for a Rasp file. Sits nice and flat.

Rally Raid Stainless upper tank bolts installed.

Since I'm riding with other 690 riders that refuse to change them out as preventive, I'll carry my old ones with me in the tool bag. Could be worth some serious cash out on the trail
Following the idea of Mr HIX I was able to find a 140mm Grade 8.8 8mm bolt to put in the lower mount.

A pic of the Scotts shark fin installed. Serious protection. Still need to figure something out for the front. I forsee something expensive in my future.

I installed the upgrade fuel pump into the tank. Part of that job included relocating the fuel filter to the outside. Using plenty of hose I was able to put the filter in a location easily accessable for field access on trail.
NO the one clamp is not loose. I started with the small size clamp and went to the larger size on the second. Too much fight to get the small one to fit.

We got the Q-4 mounted up as well.

I'm hoping to get Ginger fired up tonight.
Still not road worthy yet. Due in tomorrow- LED Taillight/fender assembly and mounts for my GPS & Doubletake mirrors.
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