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Originally Posted by 30Bones View Post
People with swingarm damage, what front sprocket are you running? 12 or 13?
I am running the stock 13 front with a 50 rear. Have never used a 12, and wouldn't.

Originally Posted by Mr. Fisherman View Post
I had a 13, switched to a 14 and came up with a chain adjust and check tech that has worked well so far.
And that chain adjust and check tech would be...?

In my case I think the damage was caused by
1. Chain/sprocket wear, leading to excessive slack.
2. Several weeks exposure to salt air, 1000's of miles of sand trails, and one spectacularly impassable mud pit that caused the rear wheel to completely lock due to mud packing around the swingarm, chain guide and front sprocket area. Grit and water got past the x-rings and eventually caused several links to kink up.
3. Riding with the above conditions with a full load of camping gear on extremely rutted/washed out dirt roads, where g-outs and 6" potholes are as common as cardon cacti.

The loose and kinked chain tends to wrap upward as it leaves the bottom of the front sprocket under acceleration, add in the upward movement of the rear wheel under a g-out which further pulls the chain toward the bottom of the swingarm...

I'm sure you can get swingarm damage in other situations--say a too tight chain--but it is very clear that the damage in my case was NOT caused by a tight chain. (i.e., much respect to BigDog, but my data simply doesn't jibe) I tightened up the chain slack, lubed the heck out of it, and got home with no more significant damage.
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