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Glad you walked away. Bikes can be replaced.
The new cable barriers make me a little nervous. In some places they aren't even in the median, they're at the edge of the left hand shoulder. Not much margin for error.

There are several factors that affect the way a bike handles wind. A heavier bike is not necessarily better than a lighter bike. If all it took was more weight, you'd never see a semi blown over.

I was riding across Kansas on a two lane on a '91 Harley FXRP one time when a storm blew in. The gusts were shoving me from one edge of the road to the other. Definitely puckered me up. The worst wind I've been in on a bike. I had no doubt I would end up in the ditch if I didn't find a place to get off the road. Fortunately I found a small cemetery to pull off in and managed to wait out the storm.
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