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Originally Posted by kzeb View Post
Ok sorry about that peace ?

What I'm looking for is more of a discussion regarding the differencies of the two engines.
I've read alot about the Berg from inmates like Lost Rider, Lucas among others,
but I have not found the same storys about the 530.
Due to that I jumped to conclusions that the 530 isn't quite capable of the same, but please prove me wrong,
I dont mind.
The least I want is some pissing contest KTM vs Husaberg that would be pretty uninteresting.

You will find that Husaberg owners rave about their bikes,but then KTM owners will rave about their bikes. I bet either engine would run about the same amount of hours given the same proper maintenance and not holding the throttle wide open all day as in a Rally.
The thing is,they dont make the 570 any more and there is a ton more aftermarket support for any KTM.

Ive got a 2011 carbed 530 and like the carb just fine,easily jetted and tuned to run really strong,no re-mapping,no tiny fuel filters to deal with,no fuel pump worries in the middle of BFE,no dirty injectors to try to clean out.
I know FI is here and many ADV'ers cant ride with out it,but mine runs just fine with good snap to it.
Some bikes around at times
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