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Chain adjust tech

For those interested.

I dug it up from back there in the thread...

Originally Posted by Mr. Fisherman View Post
So my smart friend Luke came by to help me change my chain and sprockets.
I owe Bigdog a big thank you! 14 50 gearing is the shizzle! Shifting into 6th at 75 indicated and 6th gear pulls hard... me likey!
Check out the difference on the rear...

I had feared that my chain may have gotten into my swingarm and those fears were confirmed. I had planned ahead and bought one from a guy that was parting his bike out. Good thing...

Then Luke, the smart one... discovered that the factory spoke wrench was am amazing tool.
According to the TSB M2008-20 the chain slack should be 165 MM back from the front chain tensioner with 36 lbs of upward force on the chain and the slack between the chain and the swingarm should be between 8 and 13 mm. Well guess what... that magic spoke wrench at the narrow part is just about 11MM and at the wide part it is 16.09mm so if the narrow part of the tool doesn't touch and the widest part just does, you are good.

I always have this tool with me so these checks will be quick and repeatable from now on. Oh, and 165mm back from the front chain tensioner is just about inline with the mud flap as mentioned earlier.

Easy Peasy, repeatable and consistent. It takes the mystery out of this adjustment for me. Luke also showed me how to use a straight edge against the sprocket to align the chain. This was simple and I wasn't surprised to see a slight difference between my adjuster markings from side to side when we were done.

Thanks Luke for the help and the tutorial and Thanks Bigdog for the advice on the 14 50 gearing. I am stoked to get on my next adventure

The TSB says to do this with the bike on the side stand. I did mine with the rear tire in the air.
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