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Originally Posted by G Goat View Post
I have never had one bit of trouble with either the 525 or 530. Regular maintenance on the bike is quick. There are riders who have had trouble with the crank oil weeping to the trans side.
My son and I use them for mainly DSing, getting in and out of trouble.
The 530 is way more capable than I am. You can also install a 570 piston in the 530 for under a grand.
I was lusting after the Husaberg for a couple of seasons, but when the boiling fuel problems, or fuel lock,and the fuel pump issues arose, i looked the other way. No kick start on the Berg either.
I personally would rather have a well sorted injection system than a carb.

If you are planning to climb Mount Everest on a bike, I would choose the Husaberg.
What do you rid now? Where do you ride?
That all makes sense,Ive been out riding in Nevada and had the fuel either boil or get close to it,I understand a fuel pump doesnt work well at that point,high perf singles make heat at slow speeds,no way around it,all that heat radiates up under the tank. FI is challenged on dirt bikes where as on an everyday vehicle it just goes right along. Then the tiniest amount of silt in the fuel can bring FI to a stop.
Heat/Dirt...they happen often with dirtbikes. Some how my 530 runs great at sea level,and goes up to 8500 and higher still running good,these fancy new carbs have a lot of development time in them.
Some bikes around at times
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