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A group of friends and I are planning a trip to Moab the last week in May. Coincidentally we are also from Iowa.

A portion of our trip will be from Boulder to Moab and I have set aside two days for this leg in hopes that we could camp near and travel over either Ophir or Cinnamon Pass on our way to Moab.

This would be taking place on about May 20/21 and I have heard mixed reports as to whether those passes will be clear by those dates.

Any advice on attempting either Ophir or Cinnamon during that time would be greatly appreciated. Of course we realize that a late season snow could drastically alter our plans and we can always audible to take some alternate scenic pavement but would prefer a more adventurous path.

Also its important to note, our group rides "big traillies" (1200gs's and 650 KLR's) but we are pretty gritty and experienced.

Thanks very much for any input.

This year Ophir might well be open by then...Heres is a great site to check for opening dates in the past..

Looks like Ophir and Cinnamon were open by mid May last year. It was a rather dry year last year and this year seems drier than that so I'm guessing you'll be fine..
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