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Originally Posted by kzeb View Post
Any chance we will se a write up on that conversion,
both the how and the result, now that would be great !

or someone allready have a link to such thread....

It would be great to know more about the auto decompressing unit, or rather how to solve it permanently
if it's possible

A conversion to single sump is supposedly possible anyone found any good info of that

geez... all thoose questions

I stole the posts recommended to me for top end rebuild in the big 530 thread. It is super simple to rebuild. I'll try to link the posts with the good links. On my 570 cam it just wasn't working, dealer credited it to a weak spring. These things are fragile and work on a wing & a prayer. My 09 530 never had a starting problem with the stock cam, a later style might be better but I never felt the starter was laboring at all.

I'll post my results in the 530 thread, just adding the 41mm carb was a big difference, I expect it to be as barky as the Burg or more so after the build.

I love the split oil sumps, I upgraded to the latest O rings and minor bits in Hodakaguy's thread just to prevent ever having a problem. My trans oil is ATF and comes out clear red with few impurities. The engine oil is never full of specks of metal like my 525 and 520 were. Good luck prying all the details out of the engine builders on this sump mod. You can find the cut away you need to make but the venting requires more mods. I'll avoid it till I need a crank, if that day ever comes.
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