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Great write up mate!

It was really good to see you and despite the foul weather and various disasters, I'm glad I went.

I keep saying I won't do it again, and I do mean it when I say it. But somehow, it would be a shame not to get a 2014 badge. I think I'd feel a bit sad if I didn't get one.

Or would I? Hmm.

That's the last camping trip of any kind, that I ever do on a solo. Especially a slightly, er, volatile solo.

Bloody rubbish for camping, I can't imagine why more people who do rallies, don't have sidecars.

One thing you missed out mate...


We poked fun at the heroic off road riding gods, who manfully rode around the tarmac roads of the campsite on their globe busting, litre engined, mega trailies; whilst STANDING ON THE PEGS. Wtf?

So each time one went by, we'd shout "TARMAC" and see if they'd understand. I don't think any of them did, but we had fun trying to teach them what their bike seat was for.
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