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Hey guys, just logged 1k on my odometer!! The crf rocks as far as 250 road legals go! Great MPG, decent handling, and plenty of get up and go in town. Once on the highway, there is no snap left in the throttle. If you're past 60 mph, rolling the throttle to the stop will only yield a gentle acceleration up to 80 +/- 6 mph indicated, and the spedo seems to be 2mph off according to my GPS, so the top speed seems to be 84 mph in stock form. It handles off road pretty good but I can't get nearly as sideways as I can on my CRF450R with good off road tires! It will wag the tail a lot less, and doesn't give good feedback on the edge, it but if you've got a little bit of experience you can still ride it close to the edge off road without crashing. The tires seem to be holding it back. The NICE dual chamber forks on my CRF450R look like they'll fit the triple clamps on the crf250L no problem, and add all the adjustability I need! I haven't measured the shock yet, that's for another day, hopefully the 450 shock will fit too! I have a variable DC power supply and I will be checking to see what everything on the bike draws. I believe with LED running lights in the front, an LED tail light, and an HID and/or LED headlight, there should be plenty of wattage available for any touring needs. I've added polly heaters, and it handles them no problem!


The brakes don't suck! I can stoppie this thing no problem! The back brake does take a little bit of a stab to brake slide though

Edit: LED tail light from a new CBR600RR draws 2.7 watts when brakes are applied, and a little less than half that when they're not. The OEM brake light on the crf250L draws 5 watts running, 21 when the brakes are applied. Liscense plate light draws 5 watts, the front running light should draw 5 watts each, 10 total, should be able to get that down past 1 watt with LED's. Should be able to easily conserve 15 watts by changing these to LED's. We shall see!

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