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Originally Posted by It'sNotTheBike View Post
It is more honorable ( and less lazy ) to search for yourself rather than ask to be spoon-fed by
people who probably have better things to do than do your homework for you.

Click on the link below and you will be able to learn virtually everything you could
ever possibly want or need to know about the bike you just bought. There are 36,600
search results. That ought to keep you busy for a few hours.

i always gotta laugh when somebody who's kinda new posts something on these forums, and then some dork comes back like that!.... whatta moron, like if you got more posts yer' really somebody.... i read alotta bike forums, and that's pretty much everywhere.... and the funniest part is that alot of the info here and elsewhere is generally pretty bad, anyways....

the RFS motor you got is a beautiful thing though.... there's some good info on KTMTalk about jetting, really makes a difference when you get it right, just takes some time and patience.... i think w/your bike, it's just take off the tank, loosen the clamps, and then you can swivel the carb to get at the top(needle), and the bottom(pilot and main). it is w/my '06... have fun!....
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