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I have both Wolfman Expedition bags, and Coyote Giant Loop. I actually use them at the same time on long trips.

Pro Wolfman:

- Bags are waterproof.
- Slightly lower center of weight.
- When strapped properly, rides well.
- Add-on accesories is nice. For items quickly stored and grabbed, like a rain jacket, you can strap them to the top of the bags. I have the add on spray can / MSR container add ons too. Great for extra oil or chain wax.


- Difficult to get at items inside
- Requires rack
- Straps are a pain.
- Removing is a pain.
- Installation is a pain.
- The "soft" design can be a hassle when the circumfrance straps are tight to hold load, but then once you remove items to use, sutffing them in on the now "tight" straps cause issues. I'd almost want to line them with a semi-rigid container that many others do.
- Metal strap peices rust.

GL Coyote Pro:

- Was fairly waterproof after sealing seals. Not fully water/dust proof.
- Mounts or installs reasonably well.
- Removes reasonably quickly.
- No racks required
- Rides awesome. Jumps, whoops, anything. This system will take AGRESSIVE riding.

- Not dust / waterproof.
- Accessing items not overly easy.
- Install and removal could be easier, but it's a trade off for wicked ride capability.
- My zipper is acting up. I need to see if I can improve it or clean it. Once again not that major and I"m sure for a free they would put a new zipper on it. I think it's more of dirty/grit that's preventing proper operation. It is a nice YYK zipper. Just wish it was weather sealed.
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