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Originally Posted by streakerfreak View Post

This is me fully loaded on a trip from Helena, MT to Prescott, AZ using Giant Loop Coyote bag. With that set up I could technically be out for 3 days before stocking up on more water. You just have to pack like a backpacker and you will be fine. Also depends on how much you weigh. I'm 5'10 160lbs.

Sure it could do a 20,000 trip, but it needs to be a low mileage bike or one with a rebuilt engine. You start getting into high mileage and you start getting into a high possibility of pushing the 249ishcc engine too far. At 50,000 + miles my 2010 KLX decided that it was tired and had had enough. The KLX is a tough bike. It was the bike I learned on, held its own on the freeways and around cities and took everything I threw at on the back roads and trails in MT, WY, UT, NV, ID, AZ, and around New England.
Thanks for the informative comments!
Any idea what your total luggage weighs in at?
Any issues with cracked sub frame ... or anything else cracking?

PLUS one on starting with a fresh motor. That would be my plan. Possibly a new 351cc kit, pipe, skid plate.

How does the little KLX do on chain and sprockets? I can get 25,000 miles on my DID VM-2 X ring chain (it's a 525). Seems the NEW generation of
DID 520 X-Ring Chains would be the hot set up. With Suzuki, the OEM sprockets are best. What about Kawi?

Last ... Where is the KLX made? Japan? Thailand? Or ...?
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