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Originally Posted by Adv Grifter View Post
You've got this wrong. Suzuki OEM parts are generally close to what the other Japanese Big Four charge for genuine OEM parts. THEY ALL ARE EXPENSIVE ... and KTM are even higher. Ever price a stock Mahle piston for a KTM?

My guess is your XR-L side panels are after market. Right?

Thing is ... the aftermarket plastic companies typically pick the most popular and newer bikes. Mostly race motocross bikes are provided for.

ALL the Suzuki RM and RMZ series are covered by companies like Acerbis, Maier and others. The DR650 never made the Cut. Shame. Moto Cross guys fall down all the time ... they scuff up body work then buy all new plastic before selling the bike off and buying next year model. On and on.

But anybody looking around the market will see that NOW the DR650 is a hugely popular bike. More and more suppliers are jumping in and making Parts to fit the DR650.

Thing is ... plastic body work will never be a big seller on the DR as most guys don't do serious off road and don't crash much.

Pro Cycle saw this popularity coming ... and gathered together all the companies that provide DR650 support. (a major effort I would think) So now we've got ONE STOP shopping. Will be interesting to see if someone steps up in future with aftermarket plastic for the DR ... we've only waited 16 years!
Nope, 1st off as far as plastic goes, the big 4 are all over in pricing, they are by NO means close to each other. Honda usually charges twice what Yamaha does for sportbike plastic. Suzuki and Kawi are usually in the middle but usually much higher then Yamaha, closer to what Honda rapes you for.

As far as DS's go, OEM side covers for a Yamaha WR 250R are only $17 from Servie Honda, thats close to a 1/4 of what Honda and Suzuki charge for XR and DR covers. So not even CLOSE to the same pricing for basically the same thing.

As far as KTM costing more, that's pure bull shit, I showed you the pricing difference between the DR and 690 for top end parts and the fact that the KTM parts were cheaper, but by all means keep MSU.
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